Friday, January 9, 2009

He is on the plane ....

Happy New Year to everyone.
Been quite sometime since myself or Dion wrote on here, but there has not been much to report since is operation and over the December holidays. We had a good break and I cannot believe that the time come and gone and Dion is finally on the plane heading for Australia where he will hopefully realise his dream to walk again or come close enough to it !!! As I am writing this, he should be on the plane heading for JHB where he will stop over for 3 hours and then depart this evening at 19h00 for Perth, Australia. From Perth he head for Melbourne where he will be met at the airport by our very kind and loving friend Jan van der Kwast. Jan is going to spend a couple of days with Dion, get him settled into gym, get him motivated and let me know that all is ok with my hubby. :-) Thank you Jan for this.
We are both nervous, excited, sad, happy, etc all at one time - a mixed basket of emotions floating around here !! I am nervous and worried about him being on his own on the flight and changing flights etc, but I know that he is a big boy and he will be fine !! I am worried because I am going to miss him terribly but I just pray and hope that he keeps focused on his main objective - to his butt off at rehabilitation and the lokomat and the hyperbaric chamber and make this thing and opportunity work for him.
He was very sad to leave his darling daughters - Aimee said that she is going to miss her daddy very much and she was sad. I told that I know how she felt and it was ok if she wanted to cry or anything because it is good to be sad now and then. Kayla of course is not 100 % sure of what is going on and time is really nothing to her at this stage of her life, but as we walked away from Dion and were about to leave the airport, she says "bye dada" - well that was me finished.

Anyway, just wanted to update this blog site for those of you who are still interested and to let you all that Dion is on his way. Wish him luck and watch this space for updates on his progress etc..

Love to all


  1. Fabulous news! I hope that by now Dion has arrived at his destination safely. I was thinking about you all of last week. I can only begin to imagine the washing machine of emotions you are all feeling. You have a lot of people behind you though and I am sure that Dion will make the most of this opportunity.

    Sue x

  2. Dearest Brons, Dion and girls

    We are so touched to read and see what is happening!! McCafferty's you are all such great people!!!!

    We just want you to never ever forget that we are here for you any time of the day or night and will go to the end of the earth to help you guys! Brons always remember what an awesome mother you are and a wonderful wife to your precious hubby! Your friendship means so much to us!

    Dion we are praying for you for a miracle and know you are going to do this!!

    Love you all
    Liesl, Brandon, Amber and bump

  3. Hey Guys

    Sent you an email last week sometime, not sure if you got it, just wanted to wish you all the very best for this really, really exciting and challenging time ahead of you.Im sure Bron and the girls are going to miss you terribly but this incredible opportunity is going to prove to give you the boost your body needs to reach THE GOAL!!!!:)))This is it D!!!!

    Im so excited for you guys. Please know that Im thinking of you all and cant wait to hear all about it! Please keep us posted.

    lol Gabi