Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dion doing well

Hi everyone,

Well, are 3 days into treatment for Dion and apparently he is doing really well. Jan has left him an gone back home to his gorgeous family. It sounds like the two of them had a great time and Jan, you two do make rather a cute couple by the looks of the pictures !!! (sorry could not resist saying that after your comment in your mail.) :-)
Apparently Dion was very stiff and spastic on Monday when he started and he battled a bit with the Lokomat, but he did manage to get up and walk for about 600 odd meters. Tuesday was a better day and I have sent most of you the pictures. i am trying to download them onto the blog but I am not so good with this stuff !!! Dion and Jan went a little earlier to the centre and did some stretcthing and power plate etc and then the chamber and then the Lokomat and he walked for a full 1hr15 without the machine stopping - it has a safety thing that stops the machine so you do not break it etc. Today when I spoke to him briefly he said that he is feeling very stiff and sore, but all good stiff and sore !!! I am really praying very hard for a miracle over the next 3 weeks. I will forward or add Jan's mail later or tomorrow because Jan explained the whole thing really nicely and what does what etc.

Dion, we are all thinking about you and praying for you and wish you nothing but the best. Stay focused and positive my darling and remember that your mind and your will power is the most effective and powerful tool that you have SO USE IT !!!!

I will write again soon and try and add those updates as soon as possible.
Love to you all and have a good evening.

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