Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update from Australia


Just an update, for this week. The training on the lokomat seems to have turned the corner, my legs today seemed to stopped fighting the machine as much and I did last week.

I have had huge amounts of spasticity in my legs since using the machine as my body has been fighting the new patterns it is learing through the repedative motion. I have up until today been causing the machine to reset quite often as my leg spasms have been so strong.

I today did two one hour sessions where they were able to increase my walking speed and was also able to walk almost 3km of on the lokomat. So today was pretty damn good.


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  1. Wow! I think "pretty damn good" is a serious understatement. I hope that things continue to go so well for you! Every time I read your blog, I am left with goosebumps. You have so much determination within you, I just know that this is going to have a very happy ending!